5 Top Tips To Lose Weight At Fitness

todd   2015-12-09   Comments Off on 5 Top Tips To Lose Weight At Fitness

    Although every good fitness will provide you with tips on nutrition, there are some things you can do now to boost the amount of weight you lose during your workout.

    preparing meals

    1. Start preparing meals from scratch.

    Processed foods, even the so called diet variety, have lots of hidden calories. Assuming you make healthy foods at home, you will reduce your calorie consumption immediately. Try eating food as close to its natural state as possible. Lightly steam fresh vegetables as you will burn up more calories digesting them. You should also eat more as they are far more appetizing that over boiled mush. Your fitness bootcamp instructor will probably tell you to go brown when it comes to pasta, rice and flour. The white stuff has hidden sugars and gives you a sugar rush which makes you crave even more sugar thus adversely impacting your goal to lose excess pounds.

    2. Forget the five a day rule – go for seven instead.

    We all know the government recommendations are to eat five fruit or vegetables a day but this is not sufficient if you want to maximize the returns you get from your investment in the fitness bootcamp. You need to aim for at least seven different varieties and more would be even better. Not only are most fruit and vegetables a diets dream food as they are filling yet contain very few calories, they are also fantastic at detoxifying your system, flushing out fat pockets as well as protecting against heart disease and stroke.

    3. Don’t try not to snack.

    You will find yourself hungry after your fitness bootcamp workout so be prepared. Have some healthy snacks such as nuts, pulses as well as fruit and vegetables ready for snacking on. If you are exercising outdoors and feeling a little chilly, have some homemade soup. This is an excellent way of topping up your energy levels without impacting your waistline. Some people will tell you that you can afford to eat more as you are exercising so much at fitness bootcamp. You may certainly be hungrier but this isn’t a green light to start snacking on unhealthy calorie ridden foods. But if you need a treat, try having a small square of high quality chocolate. Note I said square and not the whole bar!

    4. Have fun at fitness bootcamp!

    Remember fitness bootcamp should be about having fun. Life is far too short to get all stressed out about exercising more and losing weight. Instead concentrate on having fun and the pounds will naturally drop off. Getting your friends and family involved will help to motivate you but also should make it more enjoyable going to class three or four times a week.

    5. Set realistic goals.

    Remember that although fitness bootcamp is a fantastic way to kick start your weight loss goals and your quest to get fit, it is not a miracle cure. You need to be realistic in what you expect to achieve or you will be disappointed at the results. Remember that it has probably taken a long time for you to put up your current weight. Slow and steady is the way to losing weight and keeping if off permanently. Setting yourself small realistic goals and rewarding yourself as you achieve them will make your time at fitness bootcamp so much more rewarding. The reward could be a new top or other item of clothes to fit the new you.