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The Benefits Of The Correct Squash Shoes

todd   2017-05-03   Comments Off on The Benefits Of The Correct Squash Shoes

Squash is an intense game played by two or four people using a racket. It is enclosed by a four walled court and the players use a rubber ball to play it. The intensity of the game appears ion that it needs speed, agility, and fitness is required. If one gets a shoe that can offer all of these they… Read more »

Why Use Education-Based Chiropractic Marketing?

todd   2017-04-28   Comments Off on Why Use Education-Based Chiropractic Marketing?

When it comes to your chiropractic marketing, having an educational message and process is essential. Why Is Education-Based Chiropractic Marketing So Effective? Because, an educated prospective patient is far more valuable than an uneducated prospective patient. For most chiropractors, education-based chiropractic marketing is the antithesis of what is typically done. For most doctors, a typical advertisement or marketing message simply… Read more »

Is Fear-Based Chiropractic Marketing Wrong?

todd   2017-02-08   Comments Off on Is Fear-Based Chiropractic Marketing Wrong?

Today, I had a savvy chiropractor post a message for me on our Facebook Page about a recent webinar I co-hosted. The webinar was about a chiropractor who collected one million dollars last year by working with diabetic patients. The marketing this chiropractor used to generate over 200 diabetic patients, each paying him $5,000, focused on the consequences of traditional… Read more »

Raw Blueberry Tartlets – Vegan Dessert

todd   2016-11-13   Comments Off on Raw Blueberry Tartlets – Vegan Dessert

I am stoked to share with you my first 100% raw vegan dessert. It is  so good, you probably won’t tell the difference. So what is the fuss with raw foods anyway? Consuming your food raw eating it in it’s original form when it is not chemically alter ed by heat and all the enzymes, photo-nutrients and vitamins are left intact…. Read more »

Socal Fitness

todd   2016-11-09   Comments Off on Socal Fitness

If you are looking for a women only fitness and live in California you will love the Socal fitness bootcamp. The camp makes the most of the fantastic climate by arranging most of the classes outdoors. It only caters for women so is perfect for those ladies who don’t want to exercise in the company of the opposite sex. Some… Read more »

Todd Brown

todd   2016-06-20   No Comments on Todd Brown

“There’s a reason why is so crazy popular with chiropractors. Plain and simple, we give chiropractors marketing tactics and strategies today, that the majority of docs won’t hear about until next year.” Todd Brown, Founder

5 Top Tips To Lose Weight At Fitness

todd   2015-12-09   Comments Off on 5 Top Tips To Lose Weight At Fitness

Although every good fitness will provide you with tips on nutrition, there are some things you can do now to boost the amount of weight you lose during your workout. 1. Start preparing meals from scratch. Processed foods, even the so called diet variety, have lots of hidden calories. Assuming you make healthy foods at home, you will reduce your… Read more »

Academy Fitness Bootcamp Murrieta

todd   2015-02-19   Comments Off on Academy Fitness Bootcamp Murrieta

Some bootcamps are developing programs that work on your entire lifestyle rather than just losing weight. For example at the Academy Fitness Bootcamp Murrieta, the emphasis is on long term physical and mental well being. What are the benefits of exercise on mental health? The benefits of exercise on your mental well being have long been documented. In fact many… Read more »

The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made At Fitness

todd   2014-03-09   Comments Off on The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made At Fitness

If you have joined fitness bootcamp to get fit you want to make sure you get the best results for your time and money. So try these seven tips to help you avoid the pitfalls other bootcamp members have experienced. 1. Not being prepared. While it is fantastic that you have taken the step and booked in at a fitness… Read more »