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Academy Fitness Bootcamp Murrieta

todd   2015-02-19   Comments Off on Academy Fitness Bootcamp Murrieta

Some bootcamps are developing programs that work on your entire lifestyle rather than just losing weight. For example at the Academy Fitness Bootcamp Murrieta, the emphasis is on long term physical and mental well being. What are the benefits of exercise on mental health? The benefits of exercise on your mental well being have long been documented. In fact many… Read more »

The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made At Fitness

todd   2014-03-09   Comments Off on The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made At Fitness

If you have joined fitness bootcamp to get fit you want to make sure you get the best results for your time and money. So try these seven tips to help you avoid the pitfalls other bootcamp members have experienced. 1. Not being prepared. While it is fantastic that you have taken the step and booked in at a fitness… Read more »