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Socal Fitness

todd   2016-11-09   Comments Off on Socal Fitness

If you are looking for a women only fitness and live in California you will love the Socal fitness bootcamp. The camp makes the most of the fantastic climate by arranging most of the classes outdoors. It only caters for women so is perfect for those ladies who don’t want to exercise in the company of the opposite sex. Some… Read more »

Todd Brown

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“There’s a reason why is so crazy popular with chiropractors. Plain and simple, we give chiropractors marketing tactics and strategies today, that the majority of docs won’t hear about until next year.” Todd Brown, Founder

Academy Fitness Bootcamp Murrieta

todd   2015-02-19   Comments Off on Academy Fitness Bootcamp Murrieta

Some bootcamps are developing programs that work on your entire lifestyle rather than just losing weight. For example at the Academy Fitness Bootcamp Murrieta, the emphasis is on long term physical and mental well being. What are the benefits of exercise on mental health? The benefits of exercise on your mental well being have long been documented. In fact many… Read more »