Is Fear-Based Chiropractic Marketing Wrong?

todd   2017-02-08   Comments Off on Is Fear-Based Chiropractic Marketing Wrong?

    Chiropractic Marketing Wrong

    Today, I had a savvy chiropractor post a message for me on our Facebook Page about a recent webinar I co-hosted.

    The webinar was about a chiropractor who collected one million dollars last year by working with diabetic patients.

    The marketing this chiropractor used to generate over 200 diabetic patients, each paying him $5,000, focused on the consequences of traditional diabetes treatment.

    The chiropractor who posted the message for me on Facebook really felt strongly about the negative consequences of fear-based marketing, as she called it.

    One Chiropractors Perspective On Fear-Based Chiropractic Marketing

    Below is a portion of what she posted for me:

    Im not interested in scamming patients. I know that wasnt your intention, Todd, but understand that fear-based marketing, like Hockings and many others participate in, taps into the lower brain in people that triggers them to make snap decisions driven by the emotions in trying to avoid pain or suffering.

    I immediately responded.

    And I think youll find my response valuable.

    Below is a portion of my response:

    My Perspective On Fear-Based Chiropractic Marketing

    While you may not agree with his marketing approach, he has gotten some astounding results for patients, and has changed a lot of lives for the better. Sometimes, when it comes to marketing, it takes getting people to see the consequences of inaction to move them to the point of action. As long as the care and service provided truly delivers the results as promised, like Dr. Jeffs program seems to do, I dont believe theres anything wrong with using a consequence focused marketing approach.

    I would even go as far as to say that if thats the approach that will generate the greatest response and move the most people to take action then we owe it to these folks to expose them to that type of marketing message.