Academy Fitness Bootcamp Murrieta

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Some bootcamps are developing programs that work on your entire lifestyle rather than just losing weight. For example at the Academy Fitness Bootcamp Murrieta, the emphasis is on long term physical and mental well being.

Fitness Bootcamp

What are the benefits of exercise on mental health?

The benefits of exercise on your mental well being have long been documented. In fact many experts believe that those people who suffer from depression would benefit from taking more exercise. It appears to be a combination of increased physical activity plus the opportunity to spend more time outdoors that seems to give the most benefit. You do not achieve the same effects by exercising on your own watching a fitness bootcamp DVD.

Exercise helps reduce stress

Exercise is also a great way to reduce the build up of stress in our lives. The modern lifestyle means that we are often chasing time. Modern technology may have helped in many areas of our lives but it has also led to a culture of being constantly “on call”. If you are not physically in your office, you could be checking work emails from your Blackberry or similar device at home. This can make it very difficult to turn off and enjoy some downtime. At least if you join a fitness bootcamp you won’t be allowed check your emails. You will be far too busy trying to keep up with the other members of your group.

What other benefits does joining a fitness bootcamp offer?

Of course the other benefit of attending a camp like the Academy Fitness Bootcamp in Murrieta is the fact that you will meet other people with similar goals. Making friends is much easier when you share similar interests and often it is loneliness that can cause depression and low mood in the first place. In our society, we can spend weeks without talking to anyone other than our immediate family or work colleagues. If we spend time at a normal gym, everyone is following their own individual work out. But when you attend a fitness bootcamp, the group sessions mean that you all start at the same time, warm up together, exercise and then cool down. There is more opportunity for socializing even if it starts by comparing your opinions on the session that took place.

Obesity can either cause or be caused by depression

Depression can lead to or be caused by obesity. People often overeat when they are feeling down and they often feel miserable when they cannot attain their weight loss goals. So you end up being in a catch 22. You can’t lose weight as you can’t stop overeating and your misery over your expanding waistline leads you to reach for the cookies or chocolate. But the good news is that you can stop this cycle.

Book your Murrieta fitness bootcamp class now

If you live near the Academy Fitness Bootcamp Murrieta why not go and join up. If you don’t live nearby, find a similar workout session near you. Try working out with other people who have similar goals. Not only will the physical exercise be of benefit but the social aspect will help as well. The trained certified personal trainer will help you to set and attain your personal goals. He or she will make sure that these goals are challenging but realistic so that you can see yourself succeed as you get nearer to your ultimate goal. Celebrate your small successes as they will help motivate you onwards until you reach the figure you have always wanted.

The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made At Fitness

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Mistakes Made At Fitness

If you have joined fitness bootcamp to get fit you want to make sure you get the best results for your time and money. So try these seven tips to help you avoid the pitfalls other bootcamp members have experienced.

1. Not being prepared.

While it is fantastic that you have taken the step and booked in at a fitness bootcamp you have to start getting prepared for your adventure now. You cannot expect to continue eating the wrong foods and not exercising until the first day of your new camp. As soon as you book the class, your experience begins. Go through your kitchen and get rid of all of the unhealthy foods. Ditch the sugar laden diet foods and go shopping for brown pasta, rice, whole grains, fruit, vegetables etc. Drink only plain water and the occasional green tea. Your body needs the proper fuel to get the most out of your bootcamp experience and that means good quality protein, healthy carbs and good fats.

2. Expecting too much.

You need to be realistic about what you can achieve from your first fitness bootcamp experience or you will set yourself up for failure before you begin. While you may want to look like Kym Johnson from Dancing with Stars who recently admitted that fitness bootcamp was part of her exercise routine, you need to remember that she has been training and keeping fit for years. So make sure the goals you set are realistic and achievable as well as demanding.

Remember some of your classmates may be on their third or fourth fitness bootcamp. Most people find that once they start they keep going back for more. So the slim fit girl next to you could have once weighed just the same as you do now.

3. Buying new clothes before you go.

You will have heard people advise those looking to lose excess pounds at fitness bootcamp to buy an outfit in smaller dress size to hang on the closet door. While this could motivate some people, what you are likely to find is that your entire body shape changes following your fitness workouts. This can mean a transformation not only in how you look but how you dress. So instead why not save the cash until you graduate from fitness bootcamp and splash out on a new outfit then.

4. Expecting an easy ride.

Even if you love to dance and book a Zumba inspired fitness bootcamp program you are still going to have to work very hard. You have to workout to get fit regardless of the style of bootcamp you choose. While the ladies in the video below make the workout look easy, you will be building up a sweat as the pounds fall off.

5. Losing motivation.

Some people find that they reach a plateau after they have been at fitness bootcamp for a few weeks. The weight may not be coming off as quickly as it was or your pants may not yet be as loose as you want them to be. This is completely normal and provided you stick with the healthy eating plan as advised by your fitness bootcamp instructor and continue with your classes, you will reach your goals.

Book a spa break or short beach vacation especially if you have never felt 100% confident about your body. Once you graduate from fitness bootcamp you can show off all your hard work and get some well earned personal time too.

Or you could make a bet with your significant other. If you manage to lose x number of pounds or go down a dress size, he will buy you a piece of jewelry you have been wanting for ages. In these economic times it doesn’t have to be a diamond but just something special to mark your achievement. If you don’t have a partner you can buy it for yourself.

6. Thinking just turning up is enough.

Your whole life is given a complete overhaul from your diet to your physical activity or lack thereof. This is your chance to completely change your life from the way you look to what you eat to how you deal with stress and other problems life throws at you. Physical exercise helps to reduce stress which has been known to cause people to overeat. So you may find that you eat less anyway as you have a different way of dealing with the stressful situations in your life.

You need to get plenty of sleep to allow your body to recover from fitness bootcamp sessions so don’t book any late nights for a while. Go to bed early, sleep well and you will see much better results from your physical activity.

7. Not picking the right bootcamp.

If you don’t feel comfortable in your surroundings you are wasting your time. You need to pick a workout based on a theory/style that suits you. Some people love the Cynthia Conde military style fitness bootcamp. Others don’t relish being shouted at or having their confidence broken down so it can be rebuilt. They prefer to go a class based around dance such as a salsa inspired bootcamp. You may be attending bootcamp to prepare for a specific event such as your wedding.

Bridal bootcamps are becoming increasingly popular which is hardly surprising as every bride wants to look their best on their special day and the multi million dollar bridal industry is not going to miss a chance to make more profits. So what do you do differently at a bridal focused camp compared to the standard fitness bootcamp? Not a whole lot really but some will add Pilates into the mix of exercises. They may also tone down the more aggressive workouts as you don’t want to have pulled a muscle or worse when it comes to walking down the aisle.

In addition to looking toned and sculpted you also want glowing hair and skin so the nutritional training you receive at the bootcamp has to be top notch. some people find that when they first start exercising, as their system starts detoxing they become prone to outbreaks of zits. This is not the look you aspire to on your special day and the people running the bridal fitness bootcamp know this!