Parents favorite iPhone apps for kids

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    Happy Kids, Happy Family.

    Happy Kids

    It is our role as parents to make our children happy. One way to make them is selecting for them  favorite apps. The importance of this is to bring them up in a healthy stress-free environment. Making a good choice of apps can help make our kids become more creative and wise.Again it is a better way of getting rid of boredom. They are several companies that develop apps but among the many, iPhone stand out the best. Their innovation is more wholesome as they do not leave kids out of the technology. Credit to iPhone as they set the pace for future creative society.Not only is their games funny to the kids, but also educating. There is a big list of parents favorite iPhone apps for kids but the one below here is the most recent, popular, tested by kids and proved to work best for them.

    The 2017 recent iPhone app for kids:

    Baby Feeding Log

    This app is funny and educative.It simply entails all that a small kid see her mother do to him or her. It involves such things feeding as well as wearing of diapers.

    Sleepy Sounds

    This app is applicable in real life situation as it is a good alert for kids time for going to bed.It produces sound indicative of sleepiness.

    Blackboard Madness Math

    Blackboard Madness MathAs kid progressively grow, they should be given apps that are more educating. Other than being funny, this app helps kids to learn basic calculations.They play with writing number get challenges and eventually learn. They are best for kids aged five years and under.It involves addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication of numbers.


    This app provides tools for making kinds of music sounds.They help kids learn to follow a given rhythms.They are good for making kids creative as they try to make sweet sounds.A kid just needs to tap on the screen to make a musical note.

    Dinosaur Park for Math.

    This app is funnier and a good for an advanced kid in learning addition and subtraction. For a kid to proceed through the levels of the game, they must answer the questions correctly.

    Dino Tim

    This game is suitable for kids of 3 to 6 years of age.It is a bit more engaging. It helps them learn to know shapes, colors and even words. The interesting thing about this game is that kid is required to solve educative puzzles of shapes, colors, and words.

    Doodle Critter Math

    Doodle Critter MathThis is an app that helps teach your kids basic geometrical shapes such as triangle, squares, rectangle, and circles. Kids will learn drawing these shapes by just tapping the critter. Critters are small animals.

    Elephant Art Painting Room

    It is fun as the elephant will destroy a banana tree and a masterpiece abstract of the artwork will appear. The theme of the game is nothing more than to celebrate the colors and magic arts.

    Endless alphabet

    This app is fun where your kid makes words and destroy them. The app is educative and makes a kid creative in correct spelling word of words. Again the app has some animation that teaches the kid the meaning of a given word.

    Others include Journey of the invention, Lego Duplo Train, Little digits and many other.