Socal Fitness

todd   2016-11-09   Comments Off on Socal Fitness

    If you are looking for a women only fitness and live in California you will love the Socal fitness bootcamp. The camp makes the most of the fantastic climate by arranging most of the classes outdoors. It only caters for women so is perfect for those ladies who don’t want to exercise in the company of the opposite sex.


    Some of us do believe that our efforts to look beautiful don’t need to be shared with men – after all we wouldn’t invite them to our waxing or beauticians appointments would we? Also exercising with a group of similarly minded women can be great fun and it is much easier to stay committed to attending a daily class when you are having fun.

    How does the Socal Fitness work?

    Each bootcamp runs for a period of four weeks with an hours class every day. The classes are designed to increase in intensity on a gradual basis so that you get the most out of your workout. Woman of all levels of physical activity are catered for. If you have been a regular member of a gym and are just looking for a different way to enhance your existing level of fitness, you will find the perfect workout at Socal fitness.

    On the other hand, if you have never set foot in the gym and your idea, up until now, of taking exercise has been a gentle stroll in the park,you will also find what you are looking for at this camp.

    Socal fitness instructors are all certified personal trainers

    This means that not only are they properly trained to help you make the most of your fitness activity but they are also qualified to give you advice on your diet. Losing weight and toning up is not reliant on exercise alone. You will get much better results if you work on a combination of a healthier eating program and a physical workout that stretches your existing fitness level.

    What can you expect from your first Socal fitness experience?

    Every woman’s experience will be slightly different as a lot will depend on your commitment level and your motivation. If you think you can work out at bootcamp and come home to eat pizza and drink diet soda then you won’t be as successful as someone who is going to follow the advice on diet and exercise.

    If you read the testimonials on the Socal Fitness website you will see that many of the people writing in have attended more than one bootcamp session. This is a very good sign as it shows that people have enjoyed their workout and seen results.

    You cannot expect to get fully fit and achieve the results you want in four short weeks. But you can see a start and have a vision of what you would like to look like, weigh and what size pants you want to be wearing.